We've highlighted a few areas where some fresh parts can really make a difference as we roll into the season. Whether you have worn out parts or are just looking to refresh and update your bike, this is a good place to start.
Knobby Tire w/ Worn Tread


What better way to start the season than with fresh rubber.  Whether you ride road, mountain, commute, etc., we have you covered with top brands at competitive pricing.

Fixing a Flat Tire


The worst time to realize you’ve run out of spare tubes is when you get a flat.  Make sure you’re ready to go and have the spare tubes you need should the unfortunate event happen.

Tire Sealant Installation


Sealant is great and can save you many a heartache.  The one drawback is it eventually begins to dry out.  Make sure to feed your tires a fresh helping of sealant to make certain you’re covered on the road or mountain.  Your weather and climate play a big role in how quickly your sealant can evaporate.  As a general guideline, we recommend adding new sealant every 3-6 months.

Chain & Cassette Close Up


Regularly replacing your chain as it stretches can prevent damage to more costly drivetrain parts, i.e. cassette and chainrings.  Starting the season with a new chain can provide performance benefits and extend the life of your drivetrain.

Worn Out Bicycle Saddle


A saddle can be the difference between hopping on your bike and riding or looking at it with a “wouldn’t sit on you if I was being chased by lava” type of look. We have a huge saddle selection ranging from wide, padded, and comfortable to high-performance and light as a feather.  The saddle is the junction between you and the bike, and getting it right makes all the difference in the world.

Worn Out Bicycle Grip


They get grungy, they get sticky, and they get worn down.  Replacing your grips is a great way to add a bit of style while also refreshing your connection to the bicycle.  We’ve got a selection of colors, thicknesses, and clamp styles to get you going.

Blackburn Central Handlebar Tape Pink

Handlebar Tape

There comes a time when no amount of washing can bring life back to your old, worn-out, tape.  The padding has worn down, and your tightly wound tape is not-quite-so-tight and separating at the seams.  Refresh your bars with new handlebar tape that matches your unique style.